A fresh wrangle has erupted at Nugget Mine in Matobo district where feuding directors are reported to be using unorthodox mining ways which have resulted in serious land degradation.

An investigation by the ZBC News has shown hundreds of illegal miners are now operating at Nugget Mine employing unconventional ways to maximise on getting the gold nuggets.

It is alleged proceeds are said to be surrendered to the mining syndicate bosses of their choice.

At least four directors of the mining consortium are alleged to be at the centre of the controversial mining operations with the existence of makeshift accommodation and tuck-shops seeming to corroborate claims that the Amakorokoza are well-protected in their operations.

Duive Enterprises Private Limited manager Mr Andrew Kapara who has a license to run mining operations on the land, confirmed that the acrimony amongst directors is the reason behind the influx of illegal miners at the site.

Zimbabwe Miners’ Federation spokesperson Mr Dosman Mangisi says the situation at the mine requires immediate attention.

Operations at Nugget Mine situated in Matopo National Parks were once suspended in 2014 following ownership dispute between Duive Enterprises and Investment Mining Syndicate after the later failed to renew its special grant that had expired in March 2013.

The government is in the process of putting in place proper measures to legalise small mining operations in the country.