hwange.jpgMining giant Hwange Colliery has entered into a strategic partnership with rural district councils in the country in a development likely to make the local authorities coal merchants to improve their revenue base.

The arrangement which is expected to make the rural district councils coal merchants is one of the mining giant’s  many corporate responsibility programmes.


Hwange Colliery Company Marketing Manager Mr. Charles Zhou said the joint venture is to empower the rural district councils as well as help in the conservation of trees as many rural communities would use coal as an alternative source of energy.


“As we all know the country has had a problem of deforestation and if the rural district councils can provide coal in their areas there will be an alternative source of energy.”


The Association of Rural District Councils President Councilor Nimrod Chiminya said most local authorities have been failing to provide an efficient service due to shortage of funds and the partnership is expected to assist in revenue generation.


“As leaders of local authorities we have for a long time been calling on the local authorities to find alternative sources of funds. At the moment most ratepayers have been failing to pay rates hence impacting negatively service delivery.”


The partnership between Hwange Colliery and the Rural District Council, an idea which was mooted last year is expected to improve the revenue base of local authorities.


 Government has over the years called on local authorities to be innovative and find other ways of making money rather than overburdening ratepayers.