bhp_billiton.jpgThe emission of poisonous gases by mining giant, BHP Billiton, has raised an outcry among the Mozambican public, amid a pending court judgement and parliamentary debate on the issue.


The Mozal aluminum smelter outside the capital Maputo, is reported to be emitting poisonous gases.


Following public pressure, BHP released the last of a range of environmental studies, a dispersion model which attempts to predict how the emissions will affect surrounding residents.


Previously the documents were only available for consultation at the Mozambican Environmental Affairs department.

International analysts have questioned why the Australian company which runs its smelter in Mozambique, flouts environmental regulations in an African country considering the stringent rules in Australia.


A coalition of six prominent Mozambican NGOs earlier submitted a petition with 14 908 signatures, calling on the country’s legislative body to halt the emissions.