mining float.jpgA call has been made for Mining companies to disclose their tax payments, royalty fees and revenue sharing in a move  aimed at improving transparency and accountability in the extractive sector for the benefit of local communities and the country at large.
The call was made at the launch of the Publish What You Pay Campaign – Zimbabwe Chapter in Harare where more than 20 local Civil Society Organisations came together to share experiences and advocacy approaches on the extractive sector so that it can start benefiting local communities and the country at large.

Zimbabwe Environmental Association ZELA Executive Director, Mr. Mutuso Dhliwayo said the need for reform arises from the fact that there is very limited transparency and accountability in the mining sector dating back to the 1960s.

Publish What You Pay Africa Co-ordinator, Mr. Carlo Merla and Mozambique Programme Representative, Claudia Manjate said there is a pervasive secrecy and opaqueness in mining which results in very limited public knowledge of the benefits being derived from mineral production.

The absence of transparency and accountability is not a problem unique to Zimbabwe as it affects the whole of Africa.

In what has been termed a resource paradox, Africa has billions of dollars of incoming revenues from oil, gas and mining extraction but remains steeped in poverty.

The launch was attended by local civil groups, the media, parliamentarians, mining companies and government officials as well as the Publish What You Pay Campaign representatives from Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique.