2011 has been dubbed the empowerment year with the country’s citizens expecting the implementation of the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act.



zimplats construction.jpgThis prompted government officials and chiefs to visit South Africa in a bid to get an understanding of the empowerment model adopted by the Bafokeng community which has been transformed into a Holdings Company.


The Bafokeng community which four years ago was an ordinary community now boast of being a single major shareholder in Impala Platinum with 13.9% stake.


The Zimbabwean indigenisation delegation visited the Bafokeng community in Rustenburg with a view to understudying the empowerment model which is rated among the best models in Africa.


Royal Bafokeng Holdings, Managing Director, Mr. George Khunou said the community has invested heavily in various portfolios such as the financial services sector, education, health, road network after converting their royalties from mining firms to shares.


The mining industry has not been contributing significantly to the development of communities.
The Bafokeng community which was led by its Royal leadership to access mineral rights,the Zimbabwe Council of Chiefs Deputy President Chief Mtshane Khumalo also believes government should craft policies that empower chiefs to have control over mineral resources in their areas of jurisdiction.


Zimbabweans thus have to be strategically positioned so as to benefit from the indigenisation agenda.


Government has made it clear that it is embarking on a broad based empowerment drive.


Minister of Youth Indigenisation and Economic Development, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere said the visit was an eye-opener for the delegation adding that government is ready to deal with errant mining firms.