Some mining activities have been described as having a negative impact on the environment with miners being urged to implement corrective practices.

Matabeleland North Province boasts of vast mineral deposits with Bubi and Umguza districts endowed with gold, while Hwange is home the country is largest coal deposits.

With mining being extractive in nature, this has resulted in the destruction of the environment.

EMA Matabeleland North Provincial Manager, Mrs Chipo Mpofu-Zuze said the situation is crying out for an immediate response if the environment is to be salvaged.

Some of the practices include burning of bushes in the quest to clear the land for detection of gold.

There is also concern over the misuse of hazardous substances such as mercury, which is used in the processing of gold, ending up in the river system that communities rely on for water.

Mrs Mpofu-Zuze went on to call upon miners to ensure that they follow laid down practices in order to protect the environment.

While mining plays a key role in sustaining the economy, a balance now needs to be struck in terms of extraction and protecting the environment for a sustainable future.