Government has been commended for providing Zimbabweans with the opportunity to participate in the mining sector and contribute to the economic development of the country.

When the Mines and Minerals Act was crafted in the 1960’s it was meant to serve the interests of the white colonial minority and sideline indigenous people from participating in the key economic activities.

However, government ‘s indigenisation policies have seen a majority of Zimbabweans benefiting from the country ‘s natural resources including its vast mineral wealth.

Like many others who entered the capital intensive sector with little financial resources Mr Trinos Nkomo of West Nicholson said he had many challenges before he became a miner.

To date he has contributed 30 kgs to the Fidelity Printers and Refiners.

Last year he made major infrastructure investments and is now employing over 60 workers.

Small scale miners attributed their success stories to the enabling environment created by the government for the participation of Zimbabweans in key economic sectors.

Small scale mining is a major source of employment and income for thousands of households in Matabeleland South Province as there are no manufacturing industries.