miners 2 11-10-10.jpgThe Mining Workers Union of Zimbabwe has bemoaned the low salaries for non managerial employees as it falls far below the poverty datum line.

Workers in the mining sector are a disgruntled lot as salaries for the lowest paid employee is US$175 per month despite increasing production in the sector.

In June, the mining workers were given a 20% increment by an arbitrator, which employers are rejecting.

Mining Workers Union of Zimbabwe President, Mr Joseph Chigora said efforts to get redress have been frustrated by appeals made by the Chamber of Mines.

Mining Workers Union of Zimbabwe Secretary General, Dennis Zvanyanya blamed lack of progress in addressing salary disparities to that a single union negotiates on behalf of five unions in the mining sector.

The mining sector has in the past come under fire for being reluctant to disclose specific figures or details related to taxation, indigenisation and empowerment issues, or how much they have contributed towards corporate social responsibility, citing confidentiality.