Manicaland Minister of State Cde Monica Mutsvangwa

Christe Mambo High School pupils say the donation of laptops to the school by the Manicaland Minister of State Cde Monica Mutsvangwa will assist them greatly in their studies.

The students say the donation of 15 laptops will enable them access to the internet at the same time giving an opportunity to have a better insight into various subject areas.

“We are grateful for the laptops’ donation. It will assist us in our studies,” said one of the students.

“We have a shortage of learning materials which will be offset by the use of the laptops,” said another student.

“We need to use the internet for various projects and the laptops will assist us in this regard,” another student said.

There is general agreement that there is an association between access to computers as well as the internet and educational achievement for learners.

Minister Mutsvangwa said: “For me, this donation is more about empowering the girl child to access ICTs. It is also a way to guarantee that the young people at this school are not left behind when it comes to technology.”

“We are now living in a world that is dominated by ICTs. As a country if we want to go far then we have to let our children embrace ICTs in a big way,” said ICT and Cyber Security Minister, Cde Supa Mandiwanzira.

Globally, access to and use of information and communication technology devices has evolved in recent years with education systems and schools integrating ICTs into students’ learning experiences.