The flour supply situation is set to stabilise with the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) working on modalities to transport 30 000 metric tonnes of wheat delayed for a month in Mozambique due to logistical delays by the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to ferry the consignment into the country.

200 trucks have already been dispatched to compliment the NRZ in the wheat transportation.

“In the next week or two, we will be able to supply everyone. First priority however goes to bread bakers and all other users including those who do biscuits, pizza and buns. We are aiming that by 20 November, the situation would have normalised in as far as wheat flour supply is concerned,” GMAZ Chairman, Mr Tafadzwa Musarara said in Harare today.

“In order to stabilise the supply situation, we would like to pump in perhaps 60 trucks a day but with that comes the issue road carnage. We do not bring in enough wagons into Harare as we want complementing with wheels on the road. It also costs more as each truck pays $1000 more plus there are issues of permits involved,” Mr Musarara added.

The country is expected to receive another consignment of wheat in the next weeks and the country will have enough flour to cover the festive season.

Flour shortages saw the GMAZ suspending supply to the biscuits and confectionary industry.

Zimbabwe consumes at least 1.8 million loaves of bread per day and the country needs 400 000 metric tonnes of wheat per year.

However, the country relies mostly on wheat imports as it only produces about 200 000 metric tonnes of wheat per year.