The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) says military displays are an essential pre-requisite that keeps the forces in a healthy and fit condition.

The 2018 ZDF Day came with new displays on parade added to the traditional performances.

In all the displays the central message exuded was that of fitness and strength attributes, that Zimbabwe National Army second in command fitness trainer captain Peter Hwarare said are a symbol of the ZDF.

Captain Hwarare said fitness is the backborne of the ZDF, a criteria used even during the recruitment process.

“As you can see I am the fitness trainer and you can see how fit I am. I train the members to keep them fit and prepared to suit any situation. We do this to show the nation we are fit and we have a lot of displays on cards. You see those who were pulling the truck are the ones I trained,” he said.

Some of the newly introduced displays showcased during this year’s Defence Forces Day celebrations include the Zimbabwe Military traditional dance which was performed by Mbada Dance Group from 5 Infantry Brigade of Kwekwe and power pulling, a game of pulling a 30 tonne truck which was spearheaded by Corporal Jonathan Muvhingi of Zimbabwe National Army School of Sports.