mighty wrriors 13-12-10.jpgThe Zimbabwe Mighty Warriors have been described as  a ‘fired up’ group ahead of Sunday’s final All Africa Games decider against the Angolans, with observers saying the team is now ripe to face any opponent.

After drawing 2-2 with FC Villa from the President’s office in a friendly match at Rufaro Stadium this Thursday afternoon, observers believe the Zimbabwe Mighty Warriors have now developed into a formidable outfit that can face any opponent.

FC Villa Technical Manager, Timothy Nyabani conceded his side had to put up their bravest display in the two matches they have played as the Mighty Warriors have built themselves into a strong competitive outfit.

His sentiments were echoed by the ZIFA Technical Director, Nelson Matongorere who shared optimism of the ladies team’s qualification on Sunday.

Meanwhile, another well wisher remembered the team coming aboard to provide an assortment of goods including spices, T-shirts, training bibs and US$500 in cash.

With all set for Sunday’s big match which will be free for all, it remains upon the national women team to hold their nerves and give a memorable show that will carry them into a historic qualification.