Midlands Province has intensified its mandatory on contagious abortion testing of its dairy herd in an effort to ensure that milk produced in the province is clean and free from the bacteria.

As the province continues to record a steady increase of milk production it has also intensified its mandatory testing of the highly contagious brucellosis on its dairy herd to ensure milk produced in the province is of quality and is free from the bacterial disease which can be easily transmitted to humans.

Humans can contract the diseases which can affect reproductive system, liver, heart and central nervous system if they consume contaminated meat, milk and dairy products such as cheeses, butter and ice cream which come from infected animals.

Provincial head for livestock production department Mrs Medeline Magwenzi stressed the importance of testing the dairy herd saying besides if the herd is infected by the disease it becomes an economic burden to both the farmer and government as contaminated milk cannot be sold to any market either local or export.

The tested herd is issued with a certificate to prove that the animals are free from brucellosis.

Without brucellosis certificate dairy farmers cannot take their dairy products to any market.

Brucellosis is a high contagious and costly disease and the province is now carrying its mandatory testing exercise after every two to three years.

This will ensure the dairy herd is free from the bacterial disease that can be transmitted to humans.