metallon strike.jpgHundreds of workers at Metallon Gold Mine in Arcturus downed their tools protesting against poor working conditions as well as low wages that stand at US$120 for the lowest paid worker.
The industrial action by mine workers at one of the country’s largest gold producer Mettalon Gold follow similar ones at the company’s four other mining concerns around the country.

The workers say they are angered by the reluctance of their employer in addressing their concerns which include the need to deal with the salary problem.

Production at Acturus Mine has been halted and the workers have abandoned tools as they try to force their employer to award them salary increase and improve their working conditions.

The Associated Mine Workers of Zimbabwe official Mr. Larzarus Matika said the workers resorted to the industrial action after negotiations failed to yield positive results last week.

Workers at the mine also questioned the chamber of mines of ignoring their concerns which include salary adjustment.
Comments from Arcturus Mine Management could not be obtained as the ZBC News team was barred form entering the Mine’s offices while on the other hand the Chambers of Mines of Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer was reported to be involved in a series of meetings in Harare. Metallon Gold Mine also owns four other mines and has the capacity to produce about 15 000 ounces of gold per month.