weather.jpgThe Meteorological Services Department says the confusing weather patterns which have been experienced over the past weeks are not signs of climate change, but a result of a transition of seasons from summer to winter.

The past few weeks have seen the country experiencing fluctuating weather patterns which have led some people to link it to climate change.

The first four days of last week were characterised by a cold spell which swept across the capital before the sun came out scorching towards the end of the week.

This week the weather patterns have been oscillating again with some areas receiving rains.

Meteorological department Head Public Weather Services, Mr. Tich Zinyemba, however says this is normal at this time of the year.

Zinyemba said the pattern is likely going to continue as the curtain comes down on the rainfall season while the winter period is ushered in.

“Yes, the weather patterns have been confusing and have been fluctuating from being hot to cold. This pattern is likely to continue until the winter season has approached,” said Zinyemba.

Commenting on the forthcoming winter season, Mr. Zinyemba said it is still early to predict whether it is going to be an extremely cold or a normal winter.

Climate change has been responsible for extreme weather patterns which have caused floods and droughts.