The Meteorological Services Department says it is satisfied with the equipment acquired from China which has this season produced results and forecasts that are near to accuracy for the benefit of Zimbabweans.

The nearly US$20 million worth of equipment procured from China by the government on behalf of the met department comprises automatic weather stations and a whole set of forecasting systems, software and satellite equipment.

Meteorological Services Department Director, Dr Amos Makarau said data received from the equipment is near to accuracy.

He noted that this year’s rainfall season was characterised by floods in the southern parts of the country with the Meteorological Services Department being able to warn and alert Zimbabweans in time.

To further equip the department, the government has set aside US$5 million for the procurement of automatic weather stations and early warning radios to be installed in every district.

After receiving the equipment, Zimbabwe has made three breakthroughs for the first time namely monitoring forest fires through satellite, building own weather television studio and releasing multiple warnings through weather early warning radios.

Zimbabwe is under threat of frequent rainstorms, floods and thunder and lightning hence timely early warning is of vital significance.