A Bulawayo provincial magistrate has acquitted a messenger from Safeguard Security in Bulawayo who had been arrested for allegedly stealing US$4000 delivery money and replacing it with $4010 bond notes.

Kumbulani Davi (41) was acquitted before giving his defence evidence after the state failed to present a strong case against the accused person.

It was the state case that Davi, a messenger in Safeguard’s accounts department was sent to Old Nick Mine to collect a payment of US$4000s being payment for security services rendered by the company.

The state further stated that Davi failed to count the money resulting in him handing over $4010 bond notes to the company’s Credit Controller, Mr Chester Machiya who raised the issue of overpayment by the mine, resulting in the company disclosing that had actually paid in US dollars in denominations of US$20.

The state led by Prosecutor Charles Danda pleaded with the court to withdraw the charges against Davi, citing that for the accused to be placed in the witness stand there was need for proof of prejudice suffered by either parties which judging by evidence led by state witnesses had failed to be proved.

Bulawayo Provincial Magistrate, Mr Franklin Mkwananzi eventually acquitted Davi before putting him to his defence, citing that putting Davi to the witness stand was tantamount to resuscitating a state case that was shredded.

Mr Mukwananzi further stated that the second state witness, Mr Machiya was more like a defence witness as he provided evidence that he has also received some $2500 bond notes in January from the accounting officers of Old Nick Mine, contrary to the first witness, Sethi Nyazenga who had indicated that they only deal with US dollars for their transactions.

The magistrate also said there no documentation citing the denominations of the money given to the messenger.