After marking her return in the music circles last year, Memory Zaranyika stands among the local artists who have released more singles.

Following the launch of her 8 track album titled, “Down Memory Lane” last year, Zaranyika appears among the names of the female musicians with exciting and buoyant music careers after unveiling more singles.

Commenting on the launch of her new singles Sugar and Chii Chakunetsa, Zaranyika said she is now working on a number of projects to make sure she spoils her fans with choice.

Most of her songs tell a story about her personal life experiences.

“I have been working on a number of projects and i have managed to release two more singles apart from last year’s album Down Memory Lane,” she said.

Another album in the making titled, ‘Shungu’ from the music diva is set for release this year.

Zaranyika marked her return after 14 years away from the music scene with the launch of the Down Memory Lane album, following the hit ‘Bhogo Bhogo’ that topped the charts on two of ZBC’s radio stations, the then Radio 3 and Radio 2 in 2004.