Having 60 children from 12 wives is a feat many would find too big to achieve but not for Marondera businessman Luke Masamvu who is one of the most successful polygamists.

To some he is known as one of the biggest retail businessperson in Marondera, Manicaland and Bindura.

To some he is a church elder while to some he is a politician being the member of parliament for Mutasa North and a Zanu PF Central Committee member.

However behind the many faces of Masamvu, he is a father, not just a father but a super dad.

ZBC sought to find out more about Masamvu the father.

With 20 children at primary school, 28 at secondary school, 10 at various universities and at least 5 graduates, the family is quite big without adding 18 grandchildren from five adult offsprings who have since married.

The question which then arises is how does the super dad manage such a big family when others have struggled with only two or three children to look after?

The Johane Marange Apostolic sect member recently celebrated his 60th birthday attended by close family members, friends and business associates at his Winston Park home in Marondera.

ZBC News had a rare chance to get an insight into the family whose way of living is a mystery to neighbours and the community at large.

Mrs Masamvu who spoke on behalf of the other wives said theirs is a united and happy family under the astute leadership of their loving and caring husband.

Tsoka as he is popularly known said he has managed to live in harmony with his many wives and children.

His nephew Phibeon admits that his uncle is a family man who manages to balance issues between family, politics and business.

Tsoka who has since surpassed his father who passed on at 61 with 49 children from 11 wives said his target is to reach not more than 65 children.

He is unlikely to reach the number accomplished by his brother John Masamvu who has more than 100 children from 25 wives.

It was indeed a birthday worth celebrating for Cde Masamvu as he was joined by his 12 disciples on the dance floor.