Almost a century of selfless dedication to the lives of others and a name that will certainly go into the annals of Zimbabwean history; such is the life of a man who once harboured President Emmerson Mnangagwa from the Rhodesian regime forces in 1965.

Today he lies on his bed at Mnene Mission Hospital.

He is not well and even has to be aided by machines in order to breathe or function normally.

But inside that humble frail figure lying on the bed is contained a history of having harboured a young Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa back in 1965, who is now the President of the nation.

The story is that when the then Cde Mnangagwa was running away from Rhodesian Security Forces after blowing up a train he was hidden by Mnene Boarding Primary School headmaster Mr Eliphas Chenyika Hove.

“He has told us about how he helped the President in 1965. He even bought him shoes and hid him at Mnene Boarding Primary School. My father has told me several times of the story and the President when he came here also told us…..,” said Francis – son to Mr Eliphas Hove.

Many years after the incident President Mnangagwa this Thursday (today) sent the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in the Midlands Cde Owen Ncube to go and check on the man who once gave him an important lifeline.

“The President sent me to inquire about the state of health of his friend. He sent his good wishes for a man he treasures a lot and wishes him well,” said Minister Ncube.

His family and other well wishers spend days watching over their father at Mnene Hospital, and for the history this senior citizen has, many never stop praying for him day and night.