Local players have been urged to produce goods that can be traded on regional and continental markets for the country to fully participate in the global arena.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Cde Patrick Chinamasa, who is attending the World Economic Forum on Africa said exports had the potential to aid economic growth.

Minister Chinamasa said the forum would give Zimbabwe a platform to understand opportunities it can exploit to promote regional and continental participation.

“The government would prioritise sectors that promote economic growth. We have been giving incentives to the agriculture sector which is the backbone of the economy in order increase output. Good agriculture yield has ripple effects to other sectors of the economy primarily transport and manufacturing.  Also, through exports, the country would create foreign currency,” Minister Chinamasa said.

Recently, the government reviewed upwards economic growth rate targets from 1.7% to 3.7%.

Cde Chinamasa said the upward review was pushed by increased production levels in agriculture for crops such as maize, tobacco and sugarcane.

The country is expected to meet its annual grain requirement targets following the successful implementation of the government funded Command Agriculture Programme.

Minister Chinamasa also said positive results had been recorded in chrome, gold, platinum and nickel exports, while the country is also exploiting new minerals.

He applauded Zimbabwe for its resolve in the wake of economic challenges and road to its recovery.

“Zimbabweans remained resolute despite being persecuted by the West for addressing inequalities in the land arena,” Minister Chinamasa said.

Following the implementation of the Land Reform Programme in 2000 which resulted in Zimbabweans getting land which was formerly owned by white commercial farmers, Britain and her allies imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe.

The country has been reeling under illegal sanctions for nearly two decades now and a huge debt burden which stifled economic growth.

Minister Chinamasa said the economy is on the mend and the country is set to reclaim its rightful position in the regional and continental economy.

He said re-engagement processes and arrangements to offset its arrears with the World Bank are a positive development that would help the country access new money.