hosp.jpgThe health sector is set to recover following revelations that some medical practitioners who had left for greener pastures especially in 2008 when the sector was severely affected by illegal sanctions are trickling back.

2008 will go down memory lane as one of the worst years in the medical sector. Two major government referral hospitals virtually closed as illegal sanctions took their toll.


In the capital, Harare hospital was the worst affected and some units had to be closed down. Theatres were no longer operational and there was no medication while many nurses and doctors left.


The situation was not different at Parirenyatwa hospital where the usually bustling corridors became quiet.


This news crew caught up with Parirenyatwa Group of Hospital Chief Executive Mr Thomas Zigora at the pharmacy section of the hospital which has seen great improvement.


Shortage of drugs was a major contributor to the meltdown of the health sector which reached its peak in 2008 as the government failed to source drugs outside the country because of illegal sanctions.   


Harare Hospital Chief Executive Mr. Jealous Nderere concurred with Mr. Zigora adding that without government intervention, in 2009 the situation would have reached critical levels.


Observers say the health sector which is now showing signs of recovery will recover if Prime Minister Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai, who has acknowledged the existence of sanctions, goes a step further and tell the US government and its allies to lift the illegal sanctions.