given matapure.jpgThe Zimbabwe Republic Police say the delay in investigations regarding the outcome of a comprehensive medical report of the remains of a boy believed to be that of Given Matapure who went missing at the Harare Agricultural Show grounds is beyond their control.
With close to two months after the discovery of remains of a child at the Harare Agricultural Show grounds, it has not yet been established whether the remains belong to Given Matapure.

While clothes which were found at the place where the remains were found were similar to the ones which were last worn by Given- the missing boy, medical experts are yet to bring the case to finality.

Police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka said the police have done their investigations saying the critical job of pathological tests lies with experts.

Chief Superintendent Mandipaka however revealed that there were few reported cases of children being lost adding that most of the children were found later on.

In the recent past, speculations have been rife that several children had gone missing with some attributing the problem to some cultural beliefs.