Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Chris Mushohwe says while he has made efforts to engage local media houses both private and public, and stressed the need for patriotism and nation building for the good of Zimbabwe, some of them have spurned that hand of friendship and embarked on the path of destruction, writing falsehoods about their country and destroying the image of the country.

Speaking about his views on the role of the media in nation building and reconstruction of the country, Dr Mushohwe said while some media houses have been true to their country others have deviated.

He said the media should practice responsible journalism as malicious journalism has potential to harm even the innocent people in society.

Dr Mushohwe also spoke about social media abuse and that government is now working on a bill to promote constructive use and ensuring that platform owners ensure that their platforms are used responsibly.

The Information Minister also explored the issue of mess and disorder in the capital city and other towns.

On the economic front, he called for accountability from those who receive money from the central bank on a daily basis, saying the money should have serial numbers recorded so that the bank whose money is found in bundles on the street is forced to answer for the sale of currency.

Dr Mushohwe welcomed the move taken by government recently to arrest those caught selling currency.

On the general state of the economy, Dr Mushohwe was full of praise for the command agriculture which has seen the return of Zimbabwe’s breadbasket status and the improvements in the mining sector.

He also gave his sentiments pertaining to the impending reshuffle by the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Cde Robert Mugabe.

With the clock slowly ticking towards the third day of the week the country waits with bated breath to see which cabinet ministers are going to make it into the next cabinet.