zimbabwean voter hombe 22-06-11.jpgThe MDC formations are reported to have hatched another plan aimed at sabotaging the holding of general elections, with latest information indicating that the removal of Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba from COPAC is a ploy by Western sponsored NGOs to trigger discord and to drag the constitutional process.

Sources close to the unfolding events in the constitutional making process have described the removal of Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba from COPAC as unjustifiable.

Some constitutional experts noted that by virtue of being a political soldier who understands the system and boasts of vast experience on national security matters, Brigadier General Nyikayaramba’s presence in the constitution making process as advisor is viewed as the biggest obstacle to the West’s intention to smuggle their hidden security reforms agenda in the country’s supreme law. 

An international relations and military expert, Retired Brigadier General Felix Muchemwa reminded the MDC-T that the involvement of serving uniformed forces in the constitution making process dates back to the Lancaster House Constitution, which saw the likes of the late Rhodesian General Peter Walls and General Josiah Tongogara participating.

copac offices.jpgThe constitution making process is behind schedule by a year, following what has been described by observers as deliberate attempts by the two MDC formations in the inclusive government to sabotage the holding of elections as they are ill prepared if the country is to go to the polls this year or early next year.

Revised statistics from various sources monitoring the election mood countrywide show that Zanu PF commands an upper hand of over 60% on the ground while the MDC-T will share the spoils with other contestants if elections are to be held within the next 6 to 10 months.