mdc-t youths violence 07.04.11.jpgPolice have condemned the violence that took place this Wednesday at Warren Hills Cemetery where MDC-T supporters allegedly attacked ZANU-PF supporters.

In an interview with ZBC News, police spokesperson, Inspector James Sabau confirmed the development saying the alleged MDC-T supporters also attacked a police vehicle belonging to Warren Park police station and members of the police who had gone to try and address the situation.

Inspector Sabau warned that the police will not stand by and watch acts of violence perpetrated by any political party seeking to destabilise the country’s peace.

He said that investigations are underway and police have information leading to the suspected instigators of the violence.

With Mr Morgan Tsvangirai having gone on a so called regional diplomatic offensive in the last few weeks where he accused ZANU-PF of violence, analysts say the incident at the Warren Hills Cemetery has left an egg on the MDC-T leader’s face.

The Warren Hills Cemetery incident has been described as a clear demonstration of the violent nature of MDC-T youths.

Meanwhile, the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC) has set up liaison committees in the Harare and Chitungwiza districts to try and ensure that political parties identify and deal with perpetrators of violence at grassroots level.

The move comes in the wake of more cases of political violence being reported in the recent past, prompting JOMIC to come up with liaison committees at district level for political parties to identify and deal with perpetrators of violence in their respective areas.

JOMIC co-chairperson, Cde Oppah Muchinguri said the liaison committees were set up after realising that cases of violence were on the increase and that as JOMIC they were not able to visit each area and identify the perpetrators.

She said political parties at district level know the people who are at the forefront of causing violence and should deal with them.

Co-chairperson from MDC, Mr Frank Chamunorwa said it is essential for violence to be thwarted at grassroots level.

He also urged political leaders to stop using hate language that further divide political parties.