prime minister morgan tsvangirai 22-09-10.jpgThe MDC-T National Congress is set to start at Barbourfields Stadium in Bulawayo this Thursday on a shoe-string budget after the delegation sent to negotiate for funds in South Africa came back empty handed.

Reports suggest that one of the party’s alleged funders in the past few years, Mr Strive Masiiwa has allegedly snubbed the party, in a development that has left MDC-T struggling to host its congress.

Sources say Mr Masiiwa was not able to meet the delegation as he was reportedly away in London on business trip.

Zbc news has it on good authority that the internal power struggle continues with the latest revelations being that Mr Ian Makone and wife, Theresa, have threatened to  take back the party’s headquarters Harvest House if the two fail to retain their current positions at the forthcoming congress.

The Makones are said to have gained influential positions in the party after donating Harvest House and also bankrolling the party.

Mrs Makone is seeking re-election as the Women’s Assembly Chairperson while husband, Ian is fighting to retain influence and relevancy after reportedly falling out with party leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.

However,  efforts to get a comment from the Makones were fruitless as their cell phones were not reachable.

The national executive is also reported to be under the spotlight from the MDC-T Matabeleland leadership, which is said to be unhappy with Mr Tsvangirai’s role in influencing issues ahead of the party’s national congress.

Battle lines have also being drawn with tension high that the congress could open tribal fissures as jostling for national executive posts is reported to have been  reserved for people from the Mashonaland region at the expense of those from Matabeleland where the MDC-T claims to have its biggest support base.

The same sources said the secret behind the party’s endorsement of Mr Gorden Moyo as Bulawayo Chairman is far from trying to balance the tribal card but a way of attracting donor funds given that Mr Moyo has connections with non-governmental organisations where he worked before assuming his current post in government.

This is expected to help the party financially as its handlers in the west are reported to have developed cold feet following the violence and controversies in the handling of provincial elections.

The provincial elections characterised by intra party violence left some supporters injured while some were arrested by the police.

Meanwhile, Strive Masiwa’s spokesperson Rangarirai Mberi denied that his boss has political connections with the violent MDC-T party.