prime minister morgan tsvangirai 14-09-10.jpgIn a major climb down that has seen the MDC-T admitting intra-party violence, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai had to rush to Bulawayo in a bid to contain the situation which is threatening to spiral out of hand with less than a week before the formation’s congress.

Amid tight jostling for positions, which has left the Morgan Tsvangirai-led movement deeply divided with intra party violence threatening to split the formation, observers say the dispatching of Mr Tsvangirai to try and control the volatile situation indicates that intra-party violence has reached alarming levels.

The party’s National Spokesperson, Mr Nelson Chamisa told a media briefing this Saturday that  the MDC-T is investigating incidents of violence in Bulawayo and Mashonaland West.

Analysts say the violence witnessed in the build up to the formation’s congress could result in yet another split in the already shaky movement. 

Mr Tsvangirai himself warned last weekend that vote-buying and violence are threatening the existence of the party.

The MDC-T‘s list of nominations released this Saturday showed that many heavyweights, save for Tsvangirai, risk returning from the congress as ordinary card-carrying members.

Also slated to draw controversy is the rivalry between Mr Elias Mudzuri and Mr Nelson Chamisa, who are both vying for the National Organising Secretary post.  

Mudzuri has been taking the fight deeper into Chamisa’s territory amidst accusations that the party’s national spokesperson is the media to prevail over his competitor.

Final nominations will be announced on Tuesday in Bulawayo after polls were abandoned for the second time when rival factions exchanged blows.

The Congress gets underway next Friday amid a dark cloud hanging over the country’s second largest city after recent admissions by the MDC-T that the party cannot guarantee a non-violent event.