mdc demos at sadc summit.pngThe MDC-T took their violence beyond the country’s borders when the party’s youths fought running battles among themselves and also fought with Umthwakazi Liberation Front on the sidelines of the SADC summit before being dispersed by South African police.

The party’s culture of violence reared its ugly head again this time in South Africa where efforts by over 100 youths and activists from the Zimbabwe Crisis Coalition (ZCC) hired by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai to demonstrate at the SADC summit in South Africa were foiled by South African police.

The chaos, which later turned into an orgy of violent scenes was allegedly fueled by the organisers led by ZCC leader in South Africa, Dhewa Mavhinga after failing to pay the youths who had been coerced by reports that they were going to be paid  ZAR1 000 each.

This triggered running battles that forced the South African police to intervene as the situation was getting out of hand.

The so called ZCC leader, Mavhinga was caught napping as he failed to justify the logic behind demonstrations which have also left an egg on the face Mr Tsvangirai.    

On the other hand, the Affirmative Action Group (AGG) leadership was in Sandton to express their solidarity with the decision by the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe to hold elections this year.

Meanwhile, diplomatic sources have attributed the rejection of the Livingstone Report by SADC to its inaccuracies which they said bordered on causing alarm and despondency.

The meeting also left Mr Tsvangirai in the cold as the regional leaders closed ranks with Cde Mugabe before rejecting the Livingstone Report, which was a fabrication of the MDC-T.