mdc youth.jpgThe civil society has castigated the recent intra-party violence that characterised the MDC-T’s provincial elections, in a development that observers say could see the formation losing some of its allies over lack of democratic principles.

Traditional MDC-T ally, Crisis Coalition of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has hit out at the party for its continued infighting that has seen violence and vote rigging at elections in some provinces.

“Political violence whether intra-party or national should be condemned at all costs. What the MDC-T did during their elections cannot be condoned. We have since written to the MDC-T party to highlight our displeasure at their actions,” CCZ Spokesperson, Mr Phillip Pasirayi said.

African Centre for Law and Justice Chairman, Mr Alexander Chisango had no kind words for the party’s violent tendencies which he said could cause even more violence with other parties.

“The system that allows individuals to override their constitution is wrong. Look at what is happening in the MDC-T, if one party can become violent within itself, what about when they are out there with other parties,” he said.

philip pasirayi.jpgOn the MDC-T flouting of its own constitution, Mr Chisango said any democratic organisation should safeguard its own electoral system as a way to protect the people’s interests.

The MDC-T has changed its constitution, amending term restrictions to allow its President to stand for a third term despite the party’s original constitution that stipulated that a leader should stand for only two five year terms.

With all these unhealthy tendencies, the party’s violence has however stolen the limelight.

In Bulawayo, the MDC-T provincial elections were postponed twice as supporters of Mr Gorden Moyo clashed with supporters aligned to the party’s former Provincial Chairman, Mr Matson Hlalo, prompting the party President, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai to travel to intervene in a bid to restore sanity to the province.

There are also allegations stemming from the United Kingdom that the provincial elections conducted in that country recently and chaired by the party’s National Chairman, Mr Lovemore Moyo were conducted fraudulently as people who were not supposed to vote are alleged to have been allowed to take part in the process, prompting one of the party’s big financier, Mr Allan Fish to dump the party.