chris mutsvangwa 2 21-11-10.jpgThe MDC-T has been described as a party that does not fit in the African vision, hence its failure to get acknowledgment from SADC in Gaborone, Botswana.


Efforts by MDC-T to push the SADC Troika to meet in Botswana have been described as naive.

Political analyst, Dr Maxwell Hove said the MDC was not entertained as it is alien to the African vision of complete liberation.

“The summit saw MDC as a project which does not fit in Africa. Its ideology opposes Africanism and the vision of the African nations,” said Dr Hove.

Another political analyst, Cde Gabriel Chaibva said MDC went to Gaborone under the guise of trying to map the way forward on outstanding issues, yet they wanted to seek support in aborting elections.

He said the double standards of the MDC are now backfiring as they were crippling the inclusive government.

Chaibva also condemned the MDC-T for backtracking on the issue of elections which are expected to be held mid next year.

He said it is surprising that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is now backtracking while he once stated that the inclusive government was an inconvenience during his party’s anniversary held on the 11th of September in Gokwe.

goodson nguni 21-11-10.jpgAmbassador Christopher Mutsvangwa said Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s attempt to block the election from taking place is a sign that he and his party are afraid of elections because they know they will lose.

“In the next election, the factors which might have helped the MDC win that ruling party status may not be obtaining, so the MDC has become very much afraid of the prospect of an election,” he said.


Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s attempt to discredit the constitution making process has been criticised by analysts, who say the MDC-T has realised that it has a thin following at grassroots level.

Prior to the GNU formation, the MDC embarked on a campaign for a new constitution calling for the process to be people driven.
After people spoke during the outreach programme, MDC-T has changed its mind and now calls for a negotiated constitution that ignores the people oriented process.

Political analyst, Cde Goodson Nguni said the MDC-T has realised that Zimbabweans have seen through the party and now want to back down as loosing seems inevitable.

“The MDC is a banana party, so they want to convert Zimbabwe into a banana party. The people of Zimbabwe have seen what the MDC has got to offer and all their councilors countrywide are involved in corruption activities,” said Mr Nguni.

Recently, MDC-T legislatures have embarked on a thuggery campaign to disturb proceedings in the Senate, a move which analysts say may even make elections come earlier as the parliament would have been rendered dysfunctional.