douglas mwonzora 06-04-11.jpgThe ploy to undermine indigenous languages by the MDC-T party in the new constitution has been exposed with analysts saying this is a deliberate strategy to suppress the views of the people while advancing the neo-colonialist agenda through prioritising English as the only tool for official communication.

While the people of Zimbabwe were unequivocal on the recognition of the so-called minority languages in the new constitution, the MDC-T is clandestinely attempting to suppress the views of the people by endorsing English as the only official language of communication in the country.

The latest revelations are expected to attract wrath from many quarters as the people of Zimbabwe regard language as a tool for national identity and pride.

Political analyst, Advocate Fortune Chasi said language is an expression of the freedom of expression and any political party that has an agenda to stifle that is violating a critical human right.

“Those charged with the responsibility of drafting the constitution should take into consideration what the people have said. The fact that language came up as an issue shows the sensitivities that are attached to it, particularly from those who feel that they are not covered,” said Advocate Chasi.

Another analyst, Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa noted that the latest revelation demonstrates the true nature of the MDC-T, which is trying to advance the interests of its  foreign handlers by ensuring that other local languages die, adding that adopting a foreign language completely is a form of colonisation in a way.

“They [MDC-T] are speaking from a post imperial mindset, so we need to be very open minded about the language of record [English],” he said.

While Zimbabweans would agree that English is a tool for international record, they also believe the country’s identity should not be lost by undermining local languages such as Venda, Tonga and Xhosa, among others.

It has emerged that the MDC-T is trying to disregard the views of the people that came out during the outreach programmes and clandestinely trying to smuggle foreign practices such as gay rights into the new constitution, a clear demonstration of the party’s double standards.

During the initial phases of the crafting of the supreme law of the land, the party was claiming to be championing a people driven constitution.