cde didymus mutasa 26.01.11.jpgSecretary for Administration in the ZANU PF Politburo, Cde Didymus Mutasa, says attempts by the MDC-T to scuttle the constitution making process through under funding COPAC, will not prevent the country from conducting an election.

Addressing ZANU PF members and the members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Collaborators in Rusape, Cde Mutasa said ZANU PF is aware of the MDC-T delaying tactics in the constitution making process, manifested through under funding the process, but hinted that money or no money the process should be completed.

He alleged that Finance Minister Tendai Biti is buying time to derail the constitution-making process by availing inadequate funds to the process and further emphasised that resources or no resources the process must be completed so that the nation embarks on fresh polls.

Cde Mutasa challenged Zimbabweans to draw their strength and courage in defending the revolution in the face of the economic induced illegal sanctions, adding that time has come for every Zimbabwean to rise up and denounce the illegal sanctions.

“The sanctions are not affecting Cde Mugabe, Cde Mutasa or Cde Muchinguri, for example. No, these sanctions are not affecting us as the leadership, but they are affecting you seriously. That is why we are saying let us go and tell the world that these sanctions must be removed now. We should tell the world that anyone who supports these sanctions is the enemy of the people of Zimbabwe,” said Cde Mutasa.

He challenged ZANU PF members to forge unity of purpose in defending the country’s national sovereignty in the coming election by ensuring that the party sweeps to victory.

Speaking at the same occasion, the Deputy National Chairperson of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Collaborators Association, Cde Josephine Gandiya said war collaborators are already in the election mood and are ready for the referendum.

“This time we are going to campaign vigorously to ensure the party ZANU PF wins this year’s elections resoundingly…. We are already in the election mood,” Cde Gandiya said.

She said war collaborators are now on high alert to defend the country against the country’s detractors, adding that as freedom fighters they cannot afford to surrender that which thousands of liberation war fighters fought for.

The First Secretary and President of ZANU PF, who is also the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Cde Robert Mugabe has since made it clear that the country will go for elections this year at the expiry of the tenure of the Global Political Agreement.