morgan tsvangirai.jpgA plan by the MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai to address his party’s youths at Town House in Harare and incite them to carry out violent demonstrations against government flopped this Wednesday, forcing the leadership to spend the day in marathon meetings at Harvest House.

ZBC News can confirm that MDC-T president, Morgan Tsvangirai, had planned a march from Harvest House to Town House to address his party’s youth league under the guise of addressing urban commuter transport operators and touts.

Mr. Tsvangirai intended to incite his supporters to follow the Tunisian and Egyptian style of violent demonstrations against a government which he is ironically part of.

The gathering, which had not been sanctioned, was thwarted by alert police and security details.

The event comes hard on the heels of an interview on Fox News in which the MDC-T leader insinuated that Zimbabweans were going to follow the Tunisian and Egyptian way of mass protests against the country’s establishment.


“To me when people take their rights and start demanding more rights, there is nothing wrong with that including in Zimbabwe. That was the whole purpose of our struggle for the last 10 years. The aspect of incumbents leaving power to their children, dynasties, as we may call it, that is very resented by the people,” said Mr. Tsvangirai in a recent interview with Fox News.


Meanwhile, a document by the MDC-T Youth Assembly which met on Tuesday at Harvest House outlined their readiness to follow the Egypt-style demonstrations.

It is however interesting to observe that as a sworn Prime Minister of the Zimbabwe government, Mr. Tsvangirai is in fact planning an uprising against himself as he is part of the same government. 

Instead of keeping the vows he made to serve the nation, Mr. Tsvangirai was prepared to put on his opposition party jacket, forget that he is a government official and call for mayhem against a government in which he is part of the executive.

Bystanders queried the choice of Town House as the venue for the rally, a place that is synonymous with failure to run the affairs of the city by the MDC-T led and dominated council.

Mr Tsvangirai only succeeded in disrupting business at Town House as innocent rate payers could not access their way. 

This is not the first time the MDC-T president has opted for the use of violence to gain power but to no avail, with the climax being the flop of the so-called ‘final push’ in previous years.

Many will remember his call to use violence to unseat the Head of State and Government who is also the Commander-in-Chief of Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe.

Some members of the Urban Transport Association of Zimbabwe who had gathered at Town House  upon the invitation of the MDC-T leader said their presence was in fact to read the riot act to Tsvangirai as they accuse him of the woes the sector is facing in the face of the Western imposed sanctions.

This development has exposed the confusion in the MDC-T leadership where on one hand they are in government and on the other still habour their yesteryear, tried but failed opposition violent activities.

That such activities can jeopardise the already fragile life of the Global Political Agreement appears not to matter to the power hungry MDC-T.