parliament.jpgMDC-T House of Assembly Member for Mkoba constituency, Mr. Amos Chibaya has contradicted his party president, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai on the issue of homosexuality by praising the late Retired General Solomon Mujuru’s intolerance of such acts.

Mr. Chibaya who was debating the motion on the late Retired General Mujuru even took a jibe at homosexuals by suggesting that some Zanu PF top guns indulge in the act while praising the late General Mujuru’s principled stance against gays and lesbians.

The legislator’s sentiments that undermined homosexuality activities could get him into hot soup given the intolerant nature of the MDC-T leadership to party officials who undermine the party’s top brass’ line of thinking on certain matters.

Previously, some party officials have lost their government posts after differing in opinion with the party’s top brass in a move that has been described as aimed at silencing divergent voices.