pm tsvangirai 19.08.10.jpgMDC-T party President, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai has approved the newly-elected party provincial executive for Chitungwiza.


This is after the party fired its leadership in the town in a move analysts say is meant to create party structures that tow the party president’s line.


Mr Tsvangirai congratulated the newly elected executive at the party headquarters in Harare, emphasizing the need for the new officials to work as a team.

The MDC-T party held executive provincial elections in Chitungwiza over the weekend where Alex Musundire was elected Chairman of the new 38-member executive.


The elections were held to replace the old executive that the MDC-T said was fired for corruption in running the affairs of Chitungiwa town.


However, ZBC News is reliably informed that those fired did not tow the line of the party president and the allegations of corruption were used as a smokescreen to cover up for the dismissal of the leaders who defied Mr Tsvangirai by refusing to elect a candidate favoured by the party president to replace deposed mayor, Israel Marange.


Analysts condemned the move for denying the councilors their democratic rights to choose a candidate of their own choice, especially coming from a party that claims to champion democracy.