morgan tsvangirai 02-09-11.pngThe MDC-T has been exposed for hijacking government projects and turning them into party projects in a ploy to solicit votes ahead of the general elections.

As the inclusive government’s time frame has lapsed with elections around the corner, some MDC-T Ministers have been going around the country lying to citizens that they brought health institutions and other social developmental projects.

To everyone’s surprise, these projects have been in existence way before the inclusive government.

Deputy Minister of Public Works, Senator Guy Georgias, whose portfolio has been victim to MDC-T officials’ abuse, cited housing projects along Willowvale road in Harare as some of the projects which the party has claimed to be theirs despite the scheme being a government initiative.

“If these MDC people continue to do this, it will create a political struggle because these are projects that were created by the President and Zanu PF and if they are taking them for campaigning, this is wrong in my view,” said Senator Georgias.

In another related development, Zanu PF Mashonaland Central Chairman, Cde Dickson Mafios explained that MDC-T Ministers have also been misrepresenting facts to communities in the province that they are champions of health infrastructure without paying tribute to Zanu PF, which has been spearheading development in the country since independence. 

The MDC-T party has been heavily criticised for its anti-people policies, which are bent on derailing the gains achieved under the Zanu-PF government.

Finance Minister, Mr Tendai Biti has been on the centre of controversy as information gathered indicates that he refused to give Zanu PF Deputy Ministers off-road vehicles while their counterparts from his party have benefitted under the government vehicle scheme.