tsvangirai and biti.jpgPolitical analysts have condemned the MDC-T party for its double standards saying it’s high time the formation appreciated  that it is within the inclusive government as a partner and learn to respect the arms of the government such as the police.

The criticism of the MDC-T by political analysts follows unsubstantiated allegations of bias by the party on the operations of the police that include permission for holding public gatherings.

The formation also misinformed the SADC Troika on Politics, Defence and Security at last week’s meeting in Zambia on the issue.

However, the recent revelations in a detailed police report have since proved that the MDC-T party is acting in bad faith as statistics indicate that police have received a total of 682 notifications for meetings from the formation, 644 or 94% of which were approved between the period 1 January to 24 March this year.

This compares well to figures of 97% for both Zanu PF and other parties.

Political analyst, Mr Stephen Chidavanyika said it has become the norm for the MDC-T to misrepresent facts in a bid to influence certain decisions in their favour, despite there being no evidence to their allegations.


“People should not be surprised by these antics by the MDC-T…Its boggles the mind that the party is trying by all means to discredit the police, despite evidence that one of the co-Ministers Mrs Theresa Makone is actually a member of their party who can give such directives to the security force…,” Mr. Chidavanyika said.

A political observer, Mr Nelson Mahupete said the continual denial by the MDC-T formation to appreciate that it is part of the inclusive government through behaving like an opposition party by peddling lies and tainting the government is an unfortunate development.


“Surely how do you justify such kind of a behaviour from a party whose constituency largely constitutes a huge chunk in cabinet? They are part of the decision makers, but for them to distort facts about themselves is regrettable to say the least…,” said Mr. Mahupete.

Recently, the MDC-T party through some sections of the media tried to mislead the nation into believing that they have been attacked by Zanu PF supporters at a memorial service in Warren Park, despite overwhelming evidence including pictures which prove that the formation’s supporters were in actual fact the ones who attacked Zanu PF supporters who had come to bury their loved one at the same venue.