hands in cuffs.jpgAn MDC-T Councillor in Norton town, Admire Bikausavi has appeared in court facing charges of criminal abuse of office in a scam involving residential stands.


Councillor Bikausavi of the MDC-T was set free on $300 bail by a Norton magistrate and was ordered not to interfere with State witnesses.

It is alleged that the accused acquired a low density stand as part of his council priviledges, at $900 and allegedly sold it at $4 000 to a third party.


Sources within the Norton council revealed that another Councillor, Vitalis Takawira, also from MDC-T, acquired a commercial stand at $2 500 and allegedly sold it at $7 500.


Another councillor in Ward 13 is under investigations after he fraudulently acquired a low density stand at $5 000 and allegedly sold it at $15 000.

All the three councillors involved in the stands scam are in council on MDC-T tickets.

Observers have called for the responsible authorities to consider reviewing the current council provisions of acquiring housing stands for the benefit of low income earners.


Desperate home seekers are being duped by some unscrupulous people, corrupt councillors and sometimes land developers.

A number of people were recently arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission on allegations of swindling home seekers.