cde rugare gumbo sec for inf.jpgZanu PF has described the move by the South African government to give permission to MDC-T activists to hold demonstrations at the SADC Summit set for this weekend as a non-event that will not stop the revolutionary party from presenting its position at a high level summit.


Speaking to ZBC News on the revolutionary party’s position ahead of the SADC Summit to be held in South Africa, Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Cde Rugare Gumbo expressed concern over reports that South African police have denied Zanu PF delegation access to the venue of the proceedings but allowed MDC-T activists to demonstrate and disrupt the negotiations.


“They can demonstrate as much as they want, but the issues we have raised as Zanu PF are going to remain.


“We were shocked that the South African police can give MDC supporters permission to demonstrate and yet refuse Zanu PF to also demonstrate on whatever they want. This is unfairness which doesn’t help,” said Cde Gumbo.

Cde Gumbo, who outlined the issue of sanctions as the main source of misunderstanding and conflict, said Zanu PF will stick the election roadmap as enunciated in the GPA, adding that SADC must only facilitate a home grown constitution making process that should pave way for elections this year.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister, Professor Arthur Mutambara challenged all parties to the GPA to stop dramatising issues to do with national interest and urged them to instead unite and fight to come up with a home grown roadmap that will take the country forward.

Zanu PF noted that the forthcoming SADC Summit should address the serious inaccuracies presented in the Livingstone Communiqué that it said reflected only the position of MDC-T, adding that such procedural errors should not be repeated.