professors.jpgThe Arthur Mutambara-led MDC formation has scoffed at suggestions that the professor could face arrest, dismissing the statements as failure by the Welshman Ncube faction to interpret the interim relief granted by the High Court on February the 16th.

Reports indicate that the Welshman Ncube-led MDC is seeking the arrest of Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara on charges of contempt after he continued representing the party in the weekly inclusive government principals’ meetings.

The MDC says it will also file contempt of court charges against Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai for allowing Professor Mutambara to attend the principals’ weekly meetings, claiming that Mutambara is in violation of a recent High Court directive barring him from exercising any function vested in the president of the party.

In terms of the final order draft of the relief, the Ncube faction sought from the high court an order interdicting Professor Mutambara “from exercising any function vested in the President of the Movement for Democratic Change and Principal in the Inclusive Government pending finalisation of the matter.”

However, the interim relief granted only mentions that DPM Mutambara was “interdicted from exercising any function vested in the President of the Movement for Democratic Change,” and does not mention the last part of “Principal in the inclusive government” which the Mutambara camp says has not been understood by their rivals.

The Ncube camp’s Deputy Spokesperson, Mr Kurauone Chihwayi says Mutambara is the one failing to interpret the interim relief as it is clear that he is principal by the party’s appointment.

Legal experts told ZBC News that the ruling did not make mention the issue of the principals’ post in the inclusive government thus Mutambara could be used as a technicality by the Mutambara faction even though he is a principal in Global Political Agreement on an MDC ticket.