weshman ncubee.jpgBy Mhlomuli Ncube


Questions continue to mount in light of the in-house fighting in the MDC-M.


With two factions fighting tooth and nail to wrestle for the control levers of the party, observers say the movement will never live to see a significant chapter in Zimbabwean politics.


It all began with the ill-fated Congress held from December 7 to 9 at the City Sports Centre in the capital.


Far from defining a new political discourse for the MDC-M, that weekend will be remembered by many as the moment when the party’s path to disintegration was drawn.


A faction led by former National Chairman, Joubert Mudzumwe refused to recognise Professor Welshman Ncube’s elevation to the presidential post.


Accusing Ncube of masterminding politically calculated moves that not only saw him ascending to the MDC-M presidency, the Mudzumwe faction refused to recognise the Congress’s legitimacy.


They accused Ncube of drawing the tribal card, cornering Professor Arthur Mutambara and humiliating him in public.


It has not been surprising that up to date the Mudzumwe faction says it will stand by Mutambara.


“We will stand by (Professor) Mutambara because we do not recognise the so-called congress that saw Ncube being elevated,” said Mr. Changamire of the Mudzumwe faction.


The saga has been filled with twists and turns.


On the backdrop of the refusal to acknowledge the Ncube leadership, members of the Mudzumwe faction who were rapportuers in the Copac data uploading exercise are under pressure to quit the constitution making process.


As words flew back and forth between the two factions, MDC-M Deputy National spokesperson,  Mr. Kurauone Chihwayi has branded those who refuse to recognise Ncube’s presidency “dissidents” and says they have expelled themselves from the party.”


“Those who do not recognise the December congress that elected Professor Ncube can only be expelling themselves from the party,” said Mr. Chihwayi.


With calls being made for the party to ship out of Zimbabwean politics, observers have pointed out that the MDC-M with its traits inherited from its mother the MDC-T is fragile in its nature.


From the look of things, the inherited fragility gene is certainly beginning to show.


Members of the public have been watching the developments with interest but there seems to be a unanimous agreement that the MDC-M is very immature in politics.


“I doubt if the MDC-M will be able to make any impact in the Zimbabwean political landscape… it has already exhibited immaturity,” said one political analyst who refused to be named.


A political analyst, Mr. Wellington Gadzikwa says the events in MDC-M are quite disturbing as they have now spilled into important national initiatives like the constitution making prospects.


Mr. Gadzikwa says this could spill into other important initiatives as the MDC-M is a stakeholder in the Global Political Agreement.


Far from attempting to live with the chaos, he says the latest crises in the party are confirmation that Zimbabwe does not need a transitional arrangement but rather a solid government.  


“What is happening in the MDC-M is regrettable as it is now affecting the constitution making process and sooner or later it will spill into the GPA, in which the party is a stakeholder,” Mr. Gadzikwa said.


There will certainly be a lot of fighting between the two factions.


It certainly looks like the Job Sikhala prophecy that given an election, MDC-M will never garner more than 1% of the national vote might haunt the party someday.