Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Tinashe Kambarami has stepped down from his post after the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance ordered him to step down from his post or risk being expelled from the party.

For the past month, confusion in the opposition party has seen councillors and mayors being recalled in Victoria Falls, Masvingo and Chegutu.

Bulawayo has also not been spared from these comic political acts as on Monday last week Deputy Mayor Kambarami was issued with a letter to resign.

Kambarami is accused of defying party orders to impose Mlandu Ncube as the deputy mayor.

MDC Alliance Bulawayo province deputy spokesperson Edwin Sibanda confirmed the developments, highlighting that MDC secretary for local governance Sesel Zvidzai wrote a letter to the province ordering them to act on Councillor Kambarami.

He noted that as a province they acted as per party orders to issue the letter to Kambarami.

“The letter was instructing us to write a letter to Councillor Tinashe Kambarami to give him seven days to resign as the deputy mayor for Bulawayo and pave way for the candidate chosen by the party. Remember immediately after elections as a party that is advocating for devolution of power we called on those who wanted to be mayor and deputy mayor to submit CVs in Harare.

“Councillor Solomon Mguni and Mlandu Ncube were elected as mayor and deputy mayor respectively…at the end of the day the national council reiterated that the position of deputy mayor be given to Councillor Ncube,” said Sibanda.

Kambarami was served with his letter last week and acted as per party orders this Sunday.

Political analyst Methuseli Moyo said the comical behaviour of the MDC Alliance is exposing the party on its failure to respecting the tenets of democracy.

“Councillors are free to elect one of their own to be a deputy mayor or mayor. So in a way if parties start to give directions or nullify the results of elections that were held according to the law, that is illegal according to the law and as such brings out confusion in the party.

“When we are talking about devolution it should not apply to the central government but to all political parties. Now when a president of a party gives directions to say elect so and so, it ceases to be democracy,” Moyo said.

Meanwhile, Ward 24 MDC members have issued a petition to recall Councillor Arnold Batirai from his position citing he imposed himself as a sole candidate in the run up to the 30 July elections and the deputy spokesperson for Bulawayo province confirmed that a petition had been issued but a meeting date has not been set to look into the issue.