mbira1.jpgA five-member Mbira ensemble, Nzombehuru, made up of one family, says it is on a cultural promotion mission which will see Zimbabweans appreciating the country’s cultural heritage.

Formed in 2003, Chitungwiza-based Nzombehuru Mbira ensemble, which is made up of father, mother and three sons, says though they have not recorded, the band is destined for greater heights.

Caxton Nzombe, who doubles as band manager, says the group which has 15 compositions in social commentary, is a family idea to keep Shona traditions alive through music.

The three siblings, Custon aged 19, Colleymore, 16 and 14 year-old Cyprian say the journey has been painful yet rewarding as they have come to appreciate the importance of culture.

Though the group has not yet recorded anything in the studio, they have performed at various venues including hotels and functions.

Mbira music is one of Zimbabwe’s cultural instruments that has been used to promote the country globally.