The Mberengwa Miners Association has met the Mberengwa Rural District Council to present its grievances and iron out sticking issues bethel miners and the rural authority.

Petitioning their grievances, the miners’ representatives urged the local authority to work hand in hand with the miners since mining is one of the country’s economic drivers.

Mberengwa Miners Association Secretary, Mr Nyenji said the rural district council should give miners first priority in their budget allocation in terms of their developmental projects, adding that the council should also have proper communication with the miners.

In response, Mberengwa RDC representative, Mr Bawu Shumba pointed out that the reason why there is a delay in finishing up the projects of development which miners are yearning for is that some miners are not paying their mining levy which is slated at $10 per year.

All being said and done, the conflict between these two partners is mainly caused by lack of proper communication between the authority and the miners.