356 households which were last year affected by the cholera scourge in Mberengwa have each received a cholera consignment comprising tapped toilet buckets, water guard and soap as a short term preventive measure.

When one is in problems, the mind tends to think outside the box and in the process become innovative.

Such is what the Mberengwa community did after experiencing the cholera scourge which claimed two lives.

Compared to the tap system which is susceptible to contamination by hand, the gear tap is a way of washing hands using running water.

Chairperson of the Water and Sanitation Hygiene, Mr Saviour Gwakuka explained how the gear tap works.

“We had to devise this gear tap which we feel can help us prevent cholera as it does not require hand contact,” he said.

After knocking at the doors of Mimosa Mining Company with their plight, the firm had to donate a consignment of items including tapped water toilet buckets, water guards, soap, and fuel for travelling logistics, marking a transitional shift from the technologically devised gear tap.

Mimosa General Manager, Mr Alex Mushonhiwa said as a company which values safety they had to intervene in assisting the 356 affected households

“Our doors are open in assisting affected communities. This is a short term strategy and we hope to implement medium and long term strategies to combat the scourge,” he said.

Chairperson of the Mberengwa Civil Protection Unit and Mberengwa District Administrator, Mr Ssteward Chiwanga said as a district they are grateful to the platinum miners’ gesture.

Acting Mberengwa District Nursing Officer, Mrs Mavis Munengiwa gave an account of how the district was affected by cholera.

“Last year on the 18th of December we lost two lives owing to the cholera scourge. 26 suspected cases were recorded with 16 being confirmed according to laboratory tests. We had to set up cholera camps at Mnene and an outreach at Chomubhobho,” she explained.

From a gear tap to the tapped toilet bucket, there has been a marked transition in preventing cholera.

If all communities emulate the Mberengwa community and corporates take a leaf from Mimosa’s gesture, surely the country might record a Cholera free 2019.