mbare choir.jpgRiding on the success of their first album Nyatsoterera, popular Chimurenga group Mbare Chimurenga Choir is set to release another album entitled Tinowada VaMugabe which promises to outshine the first.


The Mbare based Chimurenga group, which has of late stolen the limelight with their irresistible ‘Team’ and Nyatsoterera songs are set to rock the airwaves once again with a pulsating ten track album set to be on the market before year end.


The group has on the next album maintained their Chimuremga music flair with the album set to be complemented by a DVD full of the group’s trademark jiti and pfonda dance.


ZBC News caught up with the Director of the choir, Mrs. Elizabeth Bwanya who assured followers of Chimurenga music of more exciting times.


One of the songs set to touch hearts of many is one entitled Mahwindi which reflects on the day to day work of touts commonly referred to as ‘anaHwindi’.


Interestingly, most of the choir members are elderly women who have defied their old age with their energetic dances.

“When it comes to sing and dance for the country, we always have the energy,” said one member of the group.


Already ,the Nyatsoterera album has made an indelible mark on the country music industry with sales continuing to increase with each passing day.


 Whether the forthcoming album will surpass the first waits to be seen but for now the Mbare Chimurenga Choir is the ‘Team of moment’ which calls everyone to listen carefully to the tunes as in ‘KuNyatsoteerera’.