Manicaland Basketball Association (MBA) held its 4th edition of basketball against drugs campaign festival.

The campaign seeks to educate communities on the dangers of abusing drugs.

In its fourth year, success stories are already being recorded, some of which are an increase in participants and acknowledgement by the youth that the festival takes them away from idleness.

“They should keep on doing programmes like basketball against drugs so that we will not be idle and think of using drugs,” said Sean Muzorewa, an athlete.

“As a girl child I think this programme has helped a lot, we have some girls who were engaged in using drugs before and this programme has helped them to walk away from such activities and now the community is also involved. The turn out this year have improved from last year and other years before,” said a basketball player, Trish Tage.

“I use drugs because when I am stressed they calm me down and help me to meditate. The economy is harsh so when I take these drugs I do my work and not go about causing trouble and stealing from people. Those who take drugs, cause trouble and steal from people are the one who cause misconceptions on drugs,” another youth said from Dangamvura said.

MBA President Tonderai Shasha said the campaign has provided a tool to reach out to both youth and the parents who have equally become enthusiastic and involved in fighting drug abuse.

“We have yielded a lot of positive results, we have some kids who have gone for rehab and are doing quite well. Some parents are also helping these kids to stay away from drugs,” said Shasha.

The use of drugs by youths is a problem for many communities throughout the country and the MBA is planning to take the campaign to other districts in Manicaland.