Reports say United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to continue talks with the EU after British MPs backed a plan to renegotiate her Brexit deal.

MPs voted 317 to 301 in favour of changing the backstop plan – the bit of the deal designed to avoid the return of Northern Ireland border checks.

But the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier said the EU stood by the existing withdrawal agreement.

“The EU institutions remain united and we stand by the agreement we have negotiated with the UK,” he said.

Meanwhile, May and Jeremy Corbyn warmed up for their long-awaited meeting to discuss the way ahead on Brexit by clashing in the House of Commons.

At Prime Minister’s Questions the Labour leader repeatedly urged Mrs May to rule out a no-deal Brexit and to ditch her “red lines” in any upcoming talks with Brussels.

Mrs May hit back by saying that Mr Corbyn “has no plan for Brexit”.

The pair will meet privately later to seek common ground on Brexit.

Mr Corbyn agreed to the meeting because MPs voted to reject a no-deal Brexit on Tuesday evening.

He had previously ruled out such a meeting unless Mrs May ruled out a no deal Brexit herself.