theresa mavhima.jpgSouth African-based Zimbabwean musician, Theresa Mavima, has completed recording her debut album in Harare.

While other artists were wrapping up 2010, Mavima was busy putting final touches to her debut eight track album. Theresa jetted into Zimbabwe in December to record the scintillating eight track album at Monolio Studios.

“I have been waiting for this moment and am excited to have recorded this album,” said Theresa.

Asked why would she would come all the way to Zimbabwe to record an album when most musicians would give anything to have their work made in SA or the Diaspora, she responded, “Zimbabwe is my home. I have my record label T27 which I am establishing in South Africa.

“However, I felt my debut album should be a wholly Zimbabwean product. Besides, I have very good working relationships with other artists who are based here in Harare and also, my acting manager who is also my brother and mentor is in Zimbabwe.”

The opening track, “Miss Tourism Zimbabwe” is a song that catapults the listener into a celebratory mood. It is a congratulatory message for the winner of the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe. Indeed anyone who has entered any competition where they desired to be selected as the overall winner will find this song relevant. The song resonates with happy emotions.

in the studio - theresa mavhima.jpgProduced and arranged by Clive Mono Mukundu at Monolio Studios, the album is packed with fresh Afro Jazz tunes that are sure to get music lovers on the dance floor and singing along.

Track two, “Murume Wangu” is song about a cry for help from an abused wife. Listening to the song one can discern the agony of an abused woman. To literary minds, the song ‘Murume Wangu’ compares favourably with Okot P’ Bitek’s classic poem, “Song of Lawino.”

The husband in Theresa’s song is verbally and psychologically abusive, and the conversation between husband and wife reveals a relationship that is now devoid of love and care, a marriage on the verge of collapse as the couple accuses each other of being ungrateful.

According to Theresa’s acting manager, Mr Gracious Mavima, the album will be on the market soon once distribution logistics are finalised.

The longest track at 8.43 min is Muroora Akakwana. The other songs that complete the album are Rudo Rwako Nderwefake, Wonekwa Ropa, Leave me in Peace and Sandy Mwanangu.